Whatever happened to – Lindy Hyam 6.4.2012


Lone Pine in Memorial Grove - currently being stitched up in more ways than one

Laman Street followers will remember Newcastle Council’s General Manager Lindy Hyam who brought us such wonderful things as the current senior management and the legal advice that came up with the Roads Act as a way to destroy a beautiful streetscape.

I’m sure all of us who miss her will be interested to know that she has been nominated to sit on the board of Statewide Insurance.

And we all remember how helpful Statewide Insurance were in Laman Street.

When all else failed to condemn the trees, they came along.

I’m sure Ms Hyam will feel right at home there.

She’s the GM of Singleton Council now as we all know – I wonder what came of the job in the private sector that she said enticed her away from Newcastle Council? Home


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