Whining while waiting 3.4.2012


Scape drew this: it's a view from the corner where the Memorial Grove now stands. Look at those deciduous trees.


Tomorrow is the day I should receive a reply to one of my Treemails:

Dear Mr Pearce,

…a year ago Council released plans to plant Hill’s figs in Dumaresq Street, Broadmeadow/Hamilton.

There was an article in the Star newspaper about the fig trees in about March of last year. The impression given was that about 9 or so figs were to be planted in the context of ‘caring for the heritage trees’ in the street and filling in the spaces where trees are missing.  I thought at the time the story was probably intended as a distraction from the fact that a large number of native trees were felled, presumably to make way for drainage and guttering work. In any case, a year later there are still no new fig trees.

Could you tell me when this promise is going to be fulfilled.

Taking bets on when those fig trees go in. From tonight’s Council meeting there are indications that the fig trees for Hamilton may be coming from Laman Street
If we go with Boob Cook’s (and no doubt his mate Phil Hewett’s) favoured Laman St tree replacement the liquidambar then the nine/twelve/ten/choose-a-council-officer-who-can-count-number of baby Hill’s figs won’t be needed there and could be destined for Broadmeadow.
This is the little I know about tonight’s council meeting.
From Council’s website:

Laman Street Design
Council resolved to place design for the rehabilitation of Laman Street on public exhibition for six weeks from Tuesday 10 April 2012 until Friday 25 May 2012. The design allows for infrastructure renewal to be integrated with large tree planting and the estimated budget for the project is $1.8million.
From eyewitnesses (thanks, chaps):
‘It was one of the worst meetings I’ve had the misfortune of witnessing to date. Council debated the Laman st design for an hour. The LM called a recess because Sharpe called him a ‘layman’.

‘Lots of petty interactions. 

‘Bob Cook did say that ‘the large majority wanted figs so why are we talking about other species of trees?’ It’s very nice of Bob to refer to us as a large majority instead of a noisy minority…perhaps he’s seen the light.’
‘The addition of Red Cedars to possible species was proposed by the LM. 
‘The rest was an argument as to whether Scott Sharpe had been rude to the Councillors, and the LM in particular, by his use of the term ‘laymen’ in relation to arboreal matters. Some thought he had and some thought that he hadn’t so eventually there was a five minute recess while John Tate looked up the code of conduct manual and Bob Cook and Frank Cordingley did some extensive research into Red Cedars.  
Apparently they are quite large, although there is one at Hamilton that isn’t…Those in favour of the amendment were Tate, Connell, King, Nelmes, Claydon, Osborne, and Crakanthorpe. Those against Buman, Jackson, Luke, Cook, Boyd and Sharpe.
The only one to comment on the shortfall in the tree numbers was King, who thought that 10 counts as a replacement for 14. No mention of the five that went earlier.
‘Sharon Claydon and Nuatali Nelmes did both say they could have avoided this wrangle if they’d left the street as it was.

Tate got Cordingley to reiterate to move the underground services would only cost $200,000, and then repeated the phrase twice.

John Johnson in talking about the size of the Red Cedar, that they would be “bigger than the ones[trees] there now“, oops…..

And yes Bob is still running up the flag for the Liquidambar.

Apparently there is a Red cedar at the rear of the National Bank in Hamilton, and most of Sydney’s colonial homes are trimmed in Hunter red cedar.
Wish I’d been there. Sounds like the usual fun. Pleased to hear we didn’t waste any more money on paying arborists to attend an evening meeting when their presence isn’t needed.
And to leave you with a quotable quote:
Acting General Manager Rob “Noble” asked early on in the history of the Laman Street Working Party whether there had ever been a tree failure in Laman Street and John Johnston, the infrastructure manager, said ‘Not yet.’
That has to be up there with his stupid comment from tonight.


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