Cr Boyd heckled 29.3.2012


Lorn back street

A school geography excursion visited the Town Hall today and were  *cough* fortunate enough to be addressed by Cr Boyd on Council and the environment.

One of the students in the group asked whether Cr Boyd voted to get rid of the fig trees and after telling them he had he told them why. The answer was forgettable – presumably as it was unconvincing – so my junior reporter can’t tell what QRAP came out of his mouth but the group was unimpressed.

And a friend tells me she parks in the King Street parking station. This is one of the assets that Newcastle City Council is planning to sell off. I asked her if it was obvious that it was in need of lots of work and she said no.

She also told me that one entire floor is reserved for NCC staff. I draw no conclusion from that except to say that what staff now get for ‘free’ will probably be paid for by the ratepayer after someone’s mate sorry a developer buys the building.

And the links I promised to my anonymous (how odd is that?) comment-leaver yesterday about flying foxes:

Living with Flying Foxes

Living near flying foxes: health and conservation issues considered 

Conserving Flying Foxes is  important for health and environment

Health aspects of flying foxes



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