Emailing The Man 22.3.2012


You’d think I had nothing better to do than bother Council from my emails this week.

Dear Mr Pearce,

I would be grateful if you could have someone answer two questions for me.

I have heard that there is a plan to clear some trees or fell trees in Blackbutt. Could you tell me whether there is any plan to fell/destroy/clear/remove any trees in Blackbutt Reserve.

Secondly, a year ago Council released plans to plant Hill’s figs in Dumaresq Street, Broadmeadow/Hamilton.

There was an article in the Star newspaper about the fig trees in about March of last year. The impression given was that about 9 or so figs were to be planted in the context of ‘caring for the heritage trees’ in the street and filling in the spaces where trees are missing.

I thought at the time the story was probably intended as a distraction from the fact that a large number of native trees were felled, presumably to make way for drainage and guttering work. In any case, a year later there are still no new fig trees.

Could you tell me when this promise is going to be fulfilled.


Rowlands Park seat

And my other whine is the push to sell the car parks: I wrote to a few councillors. Many aren’t worth bothering with:

Just wanted to express my alarm that the economic rationalists seem to be on the move at Council. Still/again.

I see  Steve Edmonds and Frank [Cordingley] have a campaign to sell the CBD car parks and that they have received an ‘unsolicited’ offer to buy them.

I would have thought calling the car parks part of the ‘infrastructure backlog’ is like calling the Laman Street figs ‘ageing’ for all those years.

I hope the reports claiming that the car parks require $20 million worth of work aren’t like the reports claiming that the figs needed to be removed.

I’m [apparently] just a part of the vocal minority but it seems to me that if

  • Lindy Hyam thought selling the car parks was a good idea
  • Steve Edmonds thinks selling the car parks is a good idea
  • an anonymous developer thinks they’re worth his/her while to buy

the deal is probably worth some serious scrutiny.

I don’t see why unelected clerks should be pushing this.  It’ll be like privatising anything – the consumer will be the loser. NCC may as well have put up a For Sale sign up when Hyam was ensconced in King Street.

Thanks as usual for your efforts against the forces of darkness.


And thanks to Mark Hartley for this photo. Home



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One Response to “Emailing The Man 22.3.2012”

  1. Scott CooperJohnston (@ScotCoJohn) Says:

    The car parks are an economic rationalist’s wet dream because they are essentially a bottleneck that can attract a fee. John Ralston Saul refers to economic rationalists as ‘coupon clippers’, they see public property as a means to ‘clip’ coupons. No ingenuity, no innovation, just a bottleneck to herd the masses through and collect money. These coupon clippers, like many of our directors at NCC, have an MBA. Which means they were unsuitable for employment for so long, mummy and daddy had to pay for them to stay at school, even if it was ‘business’ school.

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