It Only Took Them Ten Years 17.3.2012


The Herald 8/8/2002

How scary is this?

Thanks to Sharon and David for supplying the clippings that show that NCC does have a vision for the future. This is from August 2002. Double click on the images to enlarge them.

Here is the article that went with it – this is when NCC started to talk about ‘ageing’ figs and a tree ‘crisis’.

So it turns out if you wait long enough you can fool enough of the people for enough of the time to get your own way.

And another frightening but sad picture is the Civic Park plan from 1995 – before Janet Dore – a few GM’s ago, but never to be forgotten – and her equally unforgettable urban tree felling┬árecruits.

Civic Park plan 1995

Look how many more trees there were then or were planned then.

Some time after that the economic rationalists presumably decided that paving and cement are cheaper to look after – so they started to leave large open spaces with this presumably in mind.

And here’s a reminder of a story from a fig campaigner. She was walking her dog on the breakwater, bent over to tend to the dog’s lead and heard two men passing her say’ ‘While they’re bleating about fig trees we’ll be selling off public land.’

Gives an eerie feeling to today’s Herald article on selling the three city-owned car parks. Get this: Lindy Hyam bleated about how we should sell them when she was the GM.

Staff bleat about how $20 million needs to be spent on them. Really?

They have a budget black hole. You couldn’t fix part of that by getting rid of some directors or managers or lawyers, could you?

They’ve had an ‘unsolicited offer’ from someone to buy one/all/can’t recall.

Yeah right. Developers read the paper, too. And how’s this: the local government act won’t let them entertain it but they’re going to get a prominent real estate firm to advise them. What do you bet – it won’t take ten years’ work to sell off these assets.

The Australian disease – selling off the farm.

Just put a for sale sign up, why don’t you.



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One Response to “It Only Took Them Ten Years 17.3.2012”

  1. Caity Raschke Says:

    Thanks to someone who left a message on the Herald online for this:
    Nature of contracts for senior staff

    The general manager and other senior staff of a council are to be employed under contracts that are performance-based.

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