ABC radio say NCC is releasing their plans for Laman Street tomorrow 13.3.2012


The news room from 1233 rang today to ask for a comment on this. 

I have no confirmation that tomorrow is the day as I didn’t get a chance to call them back. I had thought that March 20th was the day this would be discussed in Council.

So here’s some questions rather than comments: were the plans drawn for nothing – like Director/FC Jaeger claimed was what SCAPE consultants charged NCC for the ‘concept’ proposal for ANZAC Centennial Place.

Were the plans drawn up overnight in a hotel room by students? This is what was claimed by SCAPE at the charrette about the Civic Park/Laman Street plans presented at the charrette in 2010.

How many decades will it be before the street rivals what was just destroyed by NCC?

How underwhelming are the plans going to be?

And unrelated to what will presumably be a creative and artistic expanse of pavers… there was a story about the Memorial Grove on NBN TV tonight. Listen to the reassuring tones of the council officer who says plans will emerge for the Grove. Watch out, veteran community. NCC has been trying to move the Grove for years.

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One Response to “ABC radio say NCC is releasing their plans for Laman Street tomorrow 13.3.2012”

  1. hugh Says:

    Working with the council to restore Anzac Grove??

    I doubt it, no one works with NCC, it appears NCC doesn’t work at all.

    The only thing it actually does is disfunction, and it appears to me that it disfunctions against the wishes of those it is elected to take care of.

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