Public notices: slime flux 10.3.2012


There is, I’m told, a notice in Laman Street that says, ‘This tree stump is showing signs of a disease known as slime flux or bacterial wetwood…the disease cannot be treated so the stump will be cut to ground level…’

It turns out there’s an international project dealing with this disease.

Do you think NCC enlisted the aid of someone clever to work this out for them?

‘Fluxing, the flowing of tree sap from a wound is generally caused by injuries due to boring insects, frost cracks or the breaking of twigs. The flowing sap becomes heavily infected with bacteria, yeasts and protozoa and rarely by filamentous fungi. The tree sap usually assumes a thick and slimy consistency…’ This is from Pak. J. Bot., 37(2): 439-450, 2005. “YEAST MYCOFLORA ASSOCIATED WITH SLIME

Rivetting stuff. I’m guessing that reducing a tree to a stump constitutes an injury.

This is a great description of what the stumps looked like and it’s from an ABC Message board comment:

We live in Northern NSW and have a well established mature leopard tree (Caesalpinia ferrea). This tree has previously always been healthy. In the last week, it seems to have developed slime flux – it is oozing and bubbling a white frothy substance and the bark seems all mushy underneath the froth areas. It has a distinctive rotting fruit or yeasty smell and has flies buzzing all around it. For about one day prior to the froth starting, it was oozing sap. The only damage I have noticed recently seems to have been claw marks up the trunk, as though a possum has climbed up the trunk. The ooze is coming out of the bark right up into the canopy of the tree.

Now we have to ensure NCC don’t use this as propaganda – it obviously came on AFTER they destroyed the trees, not before.

And did I tell you that the quote I found for grinding the stumps is only about  $14 000 so why have NCC left those ugly shade cloth enclosures and stumps which pedestrians can leap out from behind to jump in front of cars?

I also heard a rumour that there were half a dozen redundancies at NCC where staff members’ contracts were terminated early at a cost of something like $250 000 each. I have absolutely no confirmation of this so it could be QRAP – but the amount sounds like the size of a budget shortfall that had some publicity recently.


The number of days till the next council elections:



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3 Responses to “Public notices: slime flux 10.3.2012”

  1. jerome Says:

    yeh.well if i had my leg chopped off without appropriate medical treatment or care.I’d probably get diseased as well.Don’t you think!
    Good one NCC.The silent majority will soon be herd.September is coming.

  2. AVRIL BROWN Says:

    There is ONE reason, and ONE REASON ONLY, that I wished I wasn’t a Redhead resident………

    What day did you say Newcastle residents are voting !!!

  3. jerome Says:

    avril the date is of the voting is
    saturday the 8th of september

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