Get a load of this 9.3.2012


I received an email from Newcastle Council’s arborist the General Manager today. It was in response to my whine about the root damage on the left, which is only one example of the ‘outdated’ tree management practices still widespread in this poor town. The comments in italics below are obviously mine.

‘…Thankyou for bringing this matter to my attention.

‘Council has placed high importance on implementing modern tree management practices and is regarded highly [you think?] in the local government sector for its strategic and practical approach to tree management.

‘Unfortunately, with any continuous improvement program, there is a transition period [a couple of decades is it?] where outdated practices may still occur, which is what appears to have happened in this instance [it’s not the only example: I gave at least three].

‘It is regrettable that this damage has occurred, and I have asked the Managers and Coordinators in this area of Council to ensure that this treatment does not continue.

‘Council has made a significant commitment to ensuring high quality tree management throughout the whole of life [bureaucrat-speak for ‘large trees are worth no more than tiny little ones’] tree process and is committed to steadily increasing the urban forest cover over the next few years.

‘This includes activities ranging from improved quality of stock and planting processes through to innovative thinking to solve tree and infrastructure interactions, such as the location you refer to in Lockyer Street, Albert Street and Ravenshaw Street [but not in Laman Street].

‘Thank you for your interest and I assure you that changes are underway to ensure that the Kings Road damage is not repeated.’

So what’s the previous tree management been doing? The ones who wrote about ‘outdated tree management practices’ on the website. Too important to teach the underlings who had to actually leave the air conditioning and do some work?

Well done.



Thanks to Hollywood and a friend on facebook for this - and the lucky door prizes go to the people who can pick how this picture actually depicts the Malignant EIGHT


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6 Responses to “Get a load of this 9.3.2012”

  1. jacinta dalton Says:

    I have seen this damage to tree roots at the Newcastle Showground where the Farmer’s market is held, also Swan st Cooks Hill where NCC recently cut down a mature Hills fig tree. It goes on and on.

  2. jerome Says:

    caite this is why I love you.They think the fight is done and over . we are just ,now at the start. Fine by me. If there wasn’t a cause I would not bother.Punishment is imminent(about to occur). There time Will come.Elections are coming.Let’s keep doing what we’re doing.To make sure the dark seven understand,we are the community.And they will be ousted. Thank god for god.

  3. ArchitectGJA Says:

    The Laman Street tree battle has become a metaphor for something bigger and uglier in Newcastle, so it is not over with the removal of the trees by any means. The operational disfunction of NCC has been exposed and rather than correct any of the problems, they have attempted to gloss over some of the most obscene interactions imaginable with decent members of the public and to justify acts of dishonesty and waste at great cost to the Community. There are enough people now aware of this who will not be intimidated into silence and will not be so gullible as to believe what is now presented by a Council with destroyed credibility.

  4. fabulousfigtionnick Says:

    Malignant seven , marring by ….and give them the bellies they deserve and dress they usually wear…..Bogan has never had a belt on yet (that could be seen)….and how long does it take an admin to get a proper idea how to Works???? They act as if it is a new company set up , not something that has been doing this work for ?a hundred years?? with paid arborists and managers and overseers blah blah all obviously braindead or worthless or lazy or incompetent or…take your pick..
    Save our beautiful trees.
    thanks Caiti

  5. Terry McCauley Says:

    I luv the Artists that keep providing me my daily doses of NCC humour to savour.
    How does this graphic relate you ask? Well I believe that the Malignant Eight believe that they are trailblazers and adventurers inside the brave new world that is Newcastle City Council (like the magnificent seven were) establishing new frontiers in a harsh wilderness and clearing lands to establish their brave new world, regardless of the environmental damage and cost to our future generations, a bit like our fore-fathers of yesteryear!
    Oops, time to log off the cynic in me is coming too much to the fore!

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