Maitland courthouse plane trees 28.2.2012


The Maitland Mercury has been following the plight of the beautiful trees in front of the town’s courthouse. At least a year ago the paper first wrote about how stressed the trees were looking.

So I went to have a look. One of them has to be a two-and-a-half-hug tree. (The Woodland Trust in the UK has a lovely page here on measuring trees in this wonderfully unscientific way – perfect for the person who doesn’t carry a diameter tape in their back pocket.)

Here’s the recent front page of the Mercury giving the background and here’s the article from the same day. An interview with one of the arborists involved done in September 2011 is here.

Plane trees can live for hundreds of years so what a tragedy. Ever the optimist, I haven’t lost hope for these trees.

And is it true that Councillors will have a CONFIDENTIAL briefing about the Newcastle region Art Gallery redevelopment? Heard this today; can’t find it quickly on NCC’s irritating web page; let me know if you know anything about it.

Wouldn’t you expect the councillors to say this should be in public?

I look forward to being wrong.



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