Last visit to Laman Street? 26.2.2012


Might see you at the Laman St Baptist Tabernacle for the Requiem today at 4.

If you don’t want to see disgusting pictures, stop now.

You have been warned. Home


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9 Responses to “Last visit to Laman Street? 26.2.2012”

  1. ArchitectGJA Says:

    Some “before” images included… before the senseless destruction by NCC.

    u n l e s s…

  2. Shepsta Says:

    Maybe now the figs have gone it might be an idea to set up a new website called, WE HATE NEWCASTLE CITY COUNCIL .COM
    Where everyone can vent their anger at NCC about everything these idiots have done and are going to do. Like a community forum where we can bag the shit out of them. Remember all the things that they have done and all the ratepayers money they have wasted, Laman St, The Rock, Merewether Surf House, the failed Mall markets, etc.
    What do you reckon?

  3. AVRIL Says:

    What has the Council got planned ???
    There HAS TO BE S O M E T H I N G…………………….
    Otherwise they would NOT have Mascacred the street, got Sooooo many people off side, and WASTED approx $2,000,000,000.oo

  4. Sherilyn Says:

    The repulsive toxic chemical smell now emanating from the trunk of the desecrated fig outside the library befits the administrative stench pouring out of the round building. Eau de Cordingley? Eau de Hewitt? Parfum de Jaeger? Definitely POISON.

  5. Debbie H Says:

    Who’s running this city? Only recently researching the fig truth and I’m appalled. I’m sure thousands of others like me who were so preoccupied in their own lives at the time feel the same. Sick to my gut! It’s an ugly embarrassment. How dare council not listen to the people. There is so much sucking up in council it’s a wonder they have lips, and I’m guessing Judy the art snake has a lot to do with it!

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