Bagging the eejits 24.2.2012


Photo by Rhomany

You missed a mini commotion in Laman Street today.

A disgusting smell and some kind of awful liquid were coming out of one of the fig stumps today in Laman Street. (Both went with the view, I suppose.)

A community member, worried that the tree had been poisoned, called the Environmental Protection Agency – or whatever they’re called these days . He was told they have NO JURISDICTION OVER COUNCILS and was advised to call his local member.

Tiny Tim Owen was on the job instantly. Not. Still waiting for some kind of action – and I know He Is A Busy Person and all that. Remember Mrs Parker and Orica – lucky this isn’t a stinking chemical factory: he’d be in trouble for failing to act quickly.

Council alleged it was a Natural Phenomenon. Funny how none of the other 13 trees are doing this. I called an arborist and he asked if it was a solvent or diesel sort of smell – I think it was the former. He said it was possible that this represented poison. He also said that in another major city in Australia they don’t leave the stumps in the ground for weeks, months or years, they just grind the stumps down to the ground straight away.

Hunter Area Health apparently advised that something needed to be done about the smell etc today so Council staff Sprang Into Action to spray water on this Natural Phenomenon and stop the water draining away from it from going down the drain.

Fill you with confidence?

Some middle-aged women – and we all know how frightened NCC and the police force are of that scary group – were taking photos so council staff took photos of them in return. Do you think the cameras they were using are standard issue now?

Perhaps NCC need to provide sound recorders for all their staff as well so that when they visit a site like this with an expert the whole meeting can be recorded for posterity. Remember how Mr Hallam, the expert who could have done dynamic testing on the trees in Laman Street was told by the tree team that he would be able to see the root plates ‘moving in the ground‘ when he went to Laman Street? Seriously.

It would be wonderful to have had the whole of that meeting recorded.

Did you know, speaking of recording meetings, that the meetings about Anzac Centennial Place (ACP) allegedly held between the Director of ‘Future Cities’ (one of Lindy Hyam’s sarcastic job titles) – hereinafter called FC Jaeger – and the so-called ‘community reference group’ in discussion/s about the Memorial Grove were UNMINUTED.

Did you know that the term ‘community reference group‘ referred to in the ‘concept’ proposal for ACP is a fancy title for two veterans¬† informally approached by the Director of FC’s?

And did you know that the concept proposal for ACP was allegedly done by SCAPE for free. Gratis.

And back on Laman Street, did you know that the cost of grinding the stumps in Laman Street wold be about $1000 each and that to make the stumps easier to grind they should be shorter. So $14000. Like they can’t find that.

Is this another example of NCC thumbing their nose at the community?

If I’ve referred to something you don’t understand leave a comment. The comments about FC Jaeger are from her answers at Council from last week. It was a great night. Not sure that she enjoyed it so much.

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One Response to “Bagging the eejits 24.2.2012”

  1. Terry McCauley Says:

    I continue to be amazed and dumb-founded by the actions, or perhaps better inactions, of NCC Councillors and staff. Then I step back from my thoughts and say ‘what-the’? It is NCC I am talking about so nothing surprises or amazes anymore!

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