What you have done can’t be undone 17.2.2012


Thanks to Rhomany for this photo.





4 Responses to “What you have done can’t be undone 17.2.2012”

  1. Hilary Evans Says:

    Let’s hope the Figs’ legacy will lie with Vivien’s generation who (having experienced this as young people) will understand, treasure, and value Nature when they are older to the extent that this kind of thing will not happen again.

  2. elizabeth Says:

    i can barely look and I certainly can’t go near the real thing, not for a long long time.

  3. jerome Says:

    They built a fucking parking lot.

  4. AVRIL Says:

    I am still….. (and will for a long time) be TOTALLY DISGUSTED with the Council MORONS that MADE this happen !
    I have not been near that end of town, not only since, but I was one of the, I imagine many, that could NOT FACE the DESTRUCTION of these MAJESTIC and HEALTHY, MAGNIFICENT TREES !!!
    It would have affected me TOO much emotionly.
    Rip your heart-out stuff !

    NO lie of ‘theirs’ could have justified what they did !

    I’m boycoting the whole area, till I can cope.

    Rumour of the fountain being moved…………if so……
    I can see it all now……an extention of the Art gallery….probably a fee to enter….,…a Cafe….and OF COURSE…… A LARGE METER’D parking area.( All revenue raiser’s for them to benefit from, of course!)

    I’ve said all along “I bet they have a hidden Agenda”
    Lets wait and see……

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