Laman St After and Before 8.2.2012


After the fall: an anti-climactic day today. Lots of time for bitterness.

The NCC staff were inspiring at the council meeting last night: it looks as though secrecy is their default position, stacking working parties or committees with Council officers is their natural bent, pitting council against the community is their raison d’etre – as Cr Osborne pointed out, this was the problem with the Laman Street working party: this mob has learned nothing – or refuses to change.

And thanks to Tim Owen the local state member who found the time to appear before Council. He was giving a briefing on a proposed clifftop walk for which there is no funding but which has been coming for four years: the brainchild of a local businessman. Tim wouldn’t tell the councillors how much this was likely to cost but private funding is allegedly being sought.

Wonder what strings are attached. Maybe if business people had been more interested in Laman Street Mr Owen would have been more visible during the campaign.

He kept calling the Federal Government the ‘Feds’ last night which was intensely irritating.

One of the things I took away from the meeting last night was that NCC can have scarily deep skate parks (and don’t get me wrong – I love these) and clifftop walks (bring them on as long as Newie’s not beholden to anyone) but 14 trees are dangerous. What is that?


And to finish: two views of Laman Street. The ‘after‘ video comes first because it’s too awful to finish with: thanks to Matthew Glenn Ward for this.

And thanks to Scott Cooper-Johnson for the ‘before‘ video. Just beautiful.



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7 Responses to “Laman St After and Before 8.2.2012”

  1. AVRIL Says:

    This is just SSSOOOOOO S A D………………

    To think these MAJESTIC, MAGNIFICENT creations….
    have been DECIMATED…..
    by IGNORANT…..SELFISH……. humans.
    Have ‘they’ learnt NOTHING ? ? ? ( This is 2012 right ? )

    There are just ‘ N O ‘ words to describe it, except …………..
    Totally DISGUSTED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    SAD is all I can think of right now, without getting angry.
    SOOOOO SAD !!!

    and SO W R O N G !!!!!!!!

  2. Hilary Evans Says:

    It is unbelievably sad. It is beyond words.

  3. peonyden Says:

    Such foolishness, and lack of appreciation of Beauty.
    I expect that soon there will be a “Tree Planting Ceremony”.
    Probably with nice deciduous trees, small ones, with pretty flowers.
    When will Australians learn to love their Native Trees?

    Denis Wilson

    • Caity Raschke Says:

      You could be right about the deciduous trees but at the moment Council claims the replacements will be Hill’s figs. A year ago the plan was to plant liquidambars. NCC’s arborist, when ridiculed about this, claimed that the choice of a North American tree with a propensity for branch drop and dangerous (ie trip hazard) seed pods was based on the ready availability of that species. How’s that for a 100 year vision? I wouldn’t put it past Council to ditch the figs in revenge for community opposition to their mendacity.

      • peonyden Says:

        Hi Caity
        It always disappoints me to see that my worst predictions have already been planned for!
        What’s the point of wrecking beautiful mature plants and replacing them with seedlings?
        Do they propose going through this madness all over again in 50 years time?
        I had thought of Crepe Myrtles, which the Grafton people use as Street Trees. But nothing would be as nice as the trees they have so stubbornly killed.
        Egos before common sense.

      • Caity Raschke Says:

        NCC spruiks about the fact that their replacements are 4 metres tall, but in comparison to the 25metres the traffic-hazard-yeah-right figs were, 4 metre trees are indeed seedlings. And crepe myrtles are infecting Newcastle as well: there are a bunch of streets here lined with these. Good for insects, but not much else.

  4. jerome Says:

    Scott Cooper Jonhson represents the people beauty and life .Matthew Glen wards film represents council.A disturbing aftermath of consequences felt especially a disastrous one.Well done to you both. This is the truth.It’s ashame a true act of complete disregard for the people our community also our thoughts.Thats all J.R.

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