Veterans need to inspect the Memorial Grove 6.2.2012


If someone isn’t using the memorial grove as a lavatory I’ll eat my hat.

The smell down that end of Laman Street yesterday was disgusting.

And in another worrying conversation, an arborist told me that the way the Lone Pine has been braced is going to kill it. The ropes/whatever they are using are too tight. Does NCC know anything about looking after trees, other than how to remove them?



6 Responses to “Veterans need to inspect the Memorial Grove 6.2.2012”

  1. jerome Says:

    why is it that this information is common sense and you do’nt have to be qualified to know this. trees will grow how they grow .thats once again called nature!Shame NCC your propaganda stunts have been successful unfortunately .The trees have been felled.But we will still be here.If you think this has ended think again.J.R.

  2. andrina Says:

    I suppose the incorrect bracing is deliberate as the Lone Pine is probably in the way of the council’s ‘vision’ (new car park?), as the healthy figs were. Next thing is we will hear it will have to be removed as it has failed. Now, where have I heard that before? Except this time it might be true because it of its bracing treatment.

  3. brendan Says:

    sorry im new to newcastle, what is the lone pine and where is it

    • ArchitectGJA Says:

      Hi Brendon,

      It’s at the Darby Street end of Laman Street in the corner of Civic Park – there’s an ANZAC grove there with remembrance plaques. Denied by Council, but it’s in the way of their redevelopment plans. They have a habit of “helping” trees by cutting roots or now with the pine, apparently strangling it somehow. After they help the tree, they cut it down and tell everyone it had failed. Some people don’t like that at all, but Council keeps reminding us that they were democratically elected…

    • Caity Raschke Says:

      Brendan, the Lone Pine is in the grove of trees and bushes behind the fences at the corner of Laman and Darby Streets. It’s a descendant of a tree called the Lone Pine which was at Gallipoli. An Australian soldier brought a pine cone back from the battle after the war and his mother nurtured it. Here’s a link – and apologies if this is telling you more than you needed to know.

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