Four trees left 5.2.2012


Went to Laman Street today with friends – and of course met friends there by chance, as you do – and took some photos. Enjoy.

There are four trees left so I suppose those will go on Monday and Tuesday.

The Director of ‘Liveable Cities’ from Newcastle City Council was hiding behind a pillar on Friday watching the last of the work. The arborists-sorry-tree-loppers stopped early because there was a ‘do’ on at the art gallery.

Can’t have chainsaws going in the cultural precinct.

I hear that the former GM Ms Hyam was also at the Gallery but can’t confirm it.

The security guards called for back-up today because there were middle-aged women about.

After I left Laman Street, I sent a text to one of the councillors saying NCC really needed to arrange for some shade for the security team who were trying to cope under umbrellas.

I think he left them high and dry. And hot. Home

The Baptist Tabernacle in Laman Street




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2 Responses to “Four trees left 5.2.2012”

  1. Robert hoare Says:

    those trees look healthy no rot no pipe, i would like to think
    there are other motives to this exercise.

  2. Shepsta Says:

    Gee, Ya think Robert?

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