Great Shout of Shame 2012


SOF calls on fig supporters to channel anger positively

Great Shout of Shame planned for tomorrow’s final blow to Laman St figs

Save Our Figs today called on Laman St fig supporters to contain their anger about Newcastle Council’s destruction of the Laman St trees, and to channel it toward positive change, to ensure that nothing like this ever happens again in our city.

“It’s been a devastating week for so many Novocastrians, who have witnessed such a special place of beauty destroyed by the wanton vandalism of the very people who we entrust with the custodianship of such places, and it’s totally understandable that people are feeling intensely angry, especially when the whole thing was been done with such bloody-mindedness and bad faith.

“However, it’s very important that fig supporters not allow themselves to be dragged down to the level of these people, and to be provoked by how the community has been treated, by lashing out with things like death threats and abuse.

“We’re proud that the vast majority of people who have campaigned so hard for so long for the figs have conducted themselves with grace and dignity, often in the face of significant provocation from some councillors and council staff, and despite attempts by the council (with the occasional assistance of elements of the local media) to marginalise what has clearly been a cry from mainstream Newcastle.

“We still hear reports in the media that repeat totally unsubstantiated claims about fig supporters “spitting” at council staff, as though this is now established fact, when it is nothing more than council propaganda.

“Making death threats against anti-fig councillors – no matter how abusive or contemptuous they have been to members of the community – is clearly an unacceptable way to vent anger, and people who do this just play into the hands of those who have shown they will seize any opportunity to peddle misinformation and to distort and manipulate the truth.

“There will be chances for fig supporters to vent appropriately, and to channel their anger into productive energy.

“Already, fig supporters are calling for the community to gather for a peaceful, nonviolent, attractive, but noisyGreat Shout of Shame” tomorrow afternoon, to raise an almighty clamour when the council’s loppers move in to destroy the last part of Laman Street’s once majestic cathedral arch canopy, now destroyed by council vandalism.

“We’re going to be there to bear witness to this final act of shame, to show symbolically to the council that – however much they might think that they’ve defeated the community on this issue, and however much they refuse to listen to us – they won’t defeat our spirit, and we will be heard“.

So – as the media release said, bring all your noisemakers and some flowers and some friends and family. Send out the last tree, with its last dying animals and birds, with a huge ruckus. See you there. At the Darby St end. Time TBA – maybe aim for 3pm, loppers. Home



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2 Responses to “Great Shout of Shame 2012”

  1. jerome Says:

    I’m over yelling I will be there with my camera.I feel sick to the stomach .the police have been drawn into this in part ok by save our figs .But essentially by the propaganda fuelled by council and by some parts of the media. They should recognize and accept they have been played like puppets ! and should be embarrassed.Its council who have deceived the community and it council who have spent the money not our caring community. they should be ashamed. we will remember this corrupt council! we will remember.
    I will be there.God bless. I really thought we would win . They did’nt listen to a word the community said! And all this time we new they were’nt listening to us they have treated us as fools .Unfortunately this is now called the past.On the upside I’ve met you and thats something to be proud of. thank you.See you there. J.R.

  2. Hilary Evans Says:

    Sending you love, positive strength, and our support from all of us overseas~ as always.

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