The boys in blue iii 2.2.2012


Mr O’Farrell and the police minister whatever-his-forgettable-name-is and the local member can be proud of their riot police, rescue squad and general duties police at Laman Street today. Not.

Maybe it’s because I put a gypsy curse on them all that they went crazy but here are a couple of awful stories from today.

I turned up to see a friend recovering from allegedly being harassed by police for talking to a longstanding friend who works for the security company guarding the figs. They must have been in a challenging position all these months but both kept their roles separate.

Anyway, you’ll be happy to know that the police told them they’re not allowed to talk to each other. Che?

Do you feel safer?

And today one of the women watching the vandalism of Laman Street became  too depressed by the sight of it all and the taunts of the police – in response to her jibes at them – that she said to them ‘This is enough to make anyone want to throw themselves off a cliff” and left.

Six police climbed the fence and followed her and pulled her out of her car, threw her into the back of an ambulance [edit: I’ve watched the video: she was put into a police van not an ambulance, which is absolutely incorrect management, but I was incorrect: she was not ‘thrown’] which took her to the local mental health unit where predictably she was told she was normal.

Another female campaigner watching this begged the police not to take the action they were taking, telling them they were making it worse, and their response was to tell her to move or they would charge her with obstruction.

Three people filmed this, including a young man who was allegedly thrown in the back of a police van and charged with something that’s going to cost him $220.!/photo.php?v=2528208886964&set=vb.1305694267&type=2&theater

A minister from a local church and a Laman St campaigner went to the mental health unit and waited hours for the woman to be discharged.

Do you feel safer?

Did I post about the riot police and the pinching like toddlers? Big men protecting and serving the community. Pinching middle aged women. I’ll post the video soon.

Do you feel safer?

I haven’t met any people who saw a fauna officer today. S/he failed to identify themselves to anyone in the group watching and calling for him.

Has your trust in council increased?

And tonight there were said to be a group of men in the Memorial Grove with torches. I went down with a support person – as a woman I wouldn’t be caught dead near this crew on my own – to see what was going on. By the time I arrived there were two upstanding men sitting in the memorial grove. As usual I pointed out to them that it’s a war memorial and they laughed.

That Memorial Grove is done for. Good luck with that veteran community.

Thank you NCC. Thank you GM Phil Pearce.

Thank you Councillors Boyd, Buman, Connell, Cook, Jackson, King and Sharpe.

See you at the Great Shout of Shame tomorrow as the last tree is chopped to pieces and the last birds die.



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2 Responses to “The boys in blue iii 2.2.2012”

  1. jerome Says:

    I feel deeply about the fact that we have all been played like puppets including anyone involved.Its destressing that it has come to this.I refuse to go down to Laman St. I say that every morning. but none the less I have taken so many photos in the past 8 months i feel this still needs to be documented so once again on Friday I will continue to take photographs of the eventual elimination of and all felling of the last remaining figs. we will remember the vandalism bought upon by the dark seven of an incompetent and reckless council. The rain will still be here but none the less so will you see you friday in the rain getting wet looking at the police talking etc etc. The book will be made. cheers J.R

  2. Terry McCauley Says:

    And so the idiocy of this event and Newcastle Council continues to unfold providing a living nightmare memory for the Newcastle community. I feel very very sad and am at a loss for words, a rarity!

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