Thanks to Cr Cook 2.2.2012


Everyone’s favourite councillor sent me one of his famous late night emails tonight. He often cc’s them to what feels like the entire world so you may have received a copy.

I hadn’t seen this video. Cr Cook thinks the fact that I swore at this point in the protest, cursing at a police officer, proves something about my character.

I’m grateful for the fact that the person who filmed it has recorded forever me yelling about the officer trying to break my wrist. I’ll send it off to Chief Inspector O. who is dealing with my complaint.

This is the email I sent to our esteemed councillor:

Cr Cook,

Love the poster. I’m considering making it my Christmas card this year.

Everyone who had anything to do with the vandalism of Laman Street and the lies that supported it should have this desecration follow them for the rest of their lives.

Everyone has a choice in life. You can do the right thing or the wrong thing. And you face the consequences if you do the wrong thing.

The sexism implicit in the criticism of a woman who swears is typical of the ignorant and the uneducated. I own the fact that I swear. I own the fact that there is no curse word I do not say. I own the fact that I say what I think.

Unlike you, I am true to my beliefs and I seek the truth. I am not motivated by trying to protect the reputations of my mates. If swearing is the worst thing an individual does in their life they’re doing OK.

The behaviour of the police, assaulting ordinary citizens committing no crime, aiding in an immoral act, warrants this curse. The behaviour of a majority of councillors warrants this curse. The behaviour of senior council workers warrants this curse.

I can hold my head up.

Can you?

Dr Caitlin Raschke

Thanks Bob.



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6 Responses to “Thanks to Cr Cook 2.2.2012”

  1. Chief Says:

    I sincerely hope the dear soul doesnt attend a sporting event where he maybe exposed to language forthcoming from both males & females without any prompting from pain compliance techniques of riot police. BTW i find the persistent emptying of nasal cavities of ‘sporting heroes’ offensive especially in shared recreational spaces often involving open wounds. ‘Spitting & Language’ how dare Govt tiers promote & facilitate such activities.

  2. ArchitectGJA Says:

    Can the City of Newcastle hold its head high with riot police enforcing their Council policy through intimidation and injury of Community members? …or worse, can the City hold its head high with their “democratically elected” representatives sending furtive and unsolicited messages in the night?

  3. Scott CooperJohnston (@ScotCoJohn) Says:

    Well done Caity. Bob Cook’s emails are a curse on humanity.

  4. Shani Sandner Says:

    Well said…If that is all he has on you the he can get…you know

  5. jerome Says:

    they did’nt hold back on their assault on you caite. their pinching tactics certainly made their mark on your skin.There are some pretty special people fighting for a worthwhile cause you being one of many.I hope you get well soon.J.R

  6. Nick Says:

    A gentleman never mocks his opponent, nor gloats in defeat. A gentleman never manhandles a woman nor causes pain to her. A person gloating, mocking, amused and gleeful at a women in pain being hurt by a male has a real problem and one might consider them the lowest of the lowest scum under your feet in a dirty roadway. ?gentleman?? LOLOLOL. Proven certainly not.

    A shoe throwing needed next council meeting methinks.

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