This is part of what Judge Sidis said today in Newcastle:
The ‘Pasha Bulker’ weekend in 2007 is more recent. It tested every resource of the City and its regions. Its people worked together to look after displaced persons and restore businesses so that life quickly returned to normal.
The next event I counted as a disaster caused me to pause and ponder whether I should in fact comment. It has never been my practice to comment on matters political. I therefore asked myself what my brother Judge Ralph Coolahan would have done in these circumstances. He was never one to hold back on strongly held views, so my dear brother Ralph, I am following your example.
The next event I count as a disaster is the removal of the fig trees.
Whether you classify the trees as heritage, iconic, historic or a lethal danger, when it comes down to it they are objects of great natural beauty that demanded that every effort be made and enquiry directed to searching for a solution that would render them safe and preserve them from wanton destruction for the benefit of future generations. To me, an uninformed outsider of what was happening in the City Council, the decision to destroy them was incomprehensible. At best, this indicated a public relations failure on the part of the Council. At worst, it indicated a failure in the decision making process that brought about this result.
Of course the City and its people will survive this latest disaster. There are positives. Already the process has generated an interest in local government amongst members of the community, including several self sacrificing members of the legal professional who would otherwise scarcely have given it a second thought. They have developed an appreciation of the extent to which local government can affect the everyday lives of citizens and of the need for quality representation.
My earnest hope is that those next elected to Council will recognise that, attached to the powers conferred on them by virtue of their election, is a responsibility to listen to the voices of those they were elected to represent.”

Thankyou Judge Sidis. Thanks NBN for sharing it.



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3 Responses to “JUDGE BLASTS CITY FIG ISSUE 1.2.2012”

  1. Hilary Evans Says:

    It is unbelievably sad. Our hearts and thoughts from us in the UK are with you.

    The figs’ legacy will surely be for positive natural justice to prevail.

  2. Terry McCauley Says:

    Well said Judge Sidis! However there is no accounting for elected Councillors to act in the best interest of their community by first establishing clear, concise, unrefutable scientifically supported evidence in deciding the future of these majestic fig trees or any other assets of the Newcastle community.

    The community MUST remain enraged till the September 2012 Council elections and vote accordingly. This is our only course of action now to part rectify the grave injustice thrust upon by our Councillors.

  3. jerome Says:

    thank you judge sidis truth honor and integrity strange that really none of dark seven have shown any of this shame dark seven this will be remembered well after the next elections you have put newcastle on the map for sure in the most horrible fashion and you have hurt a lot of people. so hold your head high vandels.
    thanks caity thanks saveour figs jerome thanks

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