The Boys in Blue were here ii 31.1.2012


It was hot and humid down at Laman Street today and the boys in blue – Just. Doing. Their. Jobs. – had to sit and rest in the shade of some dangerous fig trees. A community member sent this photo.

One hard hat between these police in an area where hard hats are mandatory.

Work began illegally early considering how noisy it was – no attempt by the police to halt it until the correct time.

And you have to see the vision of the ‘arborists’ chopping branches off a tree – look for the eye protection in this video:

Still looking for the eye protection? Give up. And in this one, watch how close the branch went to his head at 1min 34:

Passions were running high and the crowd, including moi, were angry. I’m impressed at how a handful of tiny women pushed a fence over. And hand gestures are always useful, don’t you think?

An experienced and eminent arborist said to me it was frightening to watch the work being done and he wouldn’t be surprised if someone were seriously injured in the course of this operation.

Sadly there was no fauna expert who made his presence known to the crowd in the time I was at Laman Street today and at least one person saw a nest go through a mulcher. Thanks NCC.

One media outlet beat the community to the street. But They. Weren’t. Tipped. Off.

I’m grateful that I’d heard about ‘pain compliance‘ used by the police at the first and second attempts by NCC to fell the trees. Who knew I’d be on the receiving end of this within months? An upstanding policeman put his heart and soul into pinching me – isn’t that something little kids do to each other? – and I’m just glad he didn’t manage to break my wrist because that’s what it felt like he was trying to do.

Just. Doing. Their. Jobs. 

Here’s another video about Just. Doing. Their. Jobs.

What a practical implementation of Council’s resolution. Thankyou Phil Pearce, NCC’s general manager.


Thanks to Susie Bradley for this photo.


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