The Boys in Blue were here 31.1.2012




7 Responses to “The Boys in Blue were here 31.1.2012”

  1. ArchitectGJA Says:

    Caity, I’m so sorry you have had this experience and injury as well. Be safe, eyes are on this all over the world, hearts and minds are with you. You are a hero to many thousands.

  2. Sherilyn Says:

    This was inflicted upon you and other women when you simply sat down in a “legal” space to register your justified protest. Not one of you had breached the exclusion area.I am sorry you experienced such a vicious, excessive reaction.Thank you for your committed leadership.

  3. debbie lindsay Says:

    Absolutely disgusting ….. So sad after such a long battle that you all came so close to winning it’s shocking ….. Sad to call my self a novocastrian !!!! SHAME,SHAME,SHAME Newcastlecity council you won’t be getting my vote next election !!!!!! 😦 😦 !!

  4. Shepsta Says:

    Well done, you fought hard against the bastards. The only thing we can do now is remember these bastards at election time, especially the main ones SHARP, BUMAN, KING, COOK. Do not let these people back into council especially Buman who has visions of being the next Lord Mayor. We need to get a campaign going to remind the people of Newcastle. Caity why don’t you run? you will get at least 11,000 votes. Also Paul Murphy, he needs to run as well. DON’T LET THEM BACK IN

  5. Aaron Chad Hargrave Says:

    And using pain compliance on middle aged woman! Like talk about police state….we were never once asked to move, just pinched, poked, stomped on, kicked and thrown off the peaceful community picket line! And if this isn’t state intervention, what is!

  6. Tookie Says:

    Who told these thugs that it was okay to use violence? I would have loved to have heard the briefing for this “Operation Beanstalk”.
    Hope you are ok, Caity.

    • Caity Raschke Says:

      I’m fine, Tookie, thanks. I wasn’t the only one these upstanding police assaulted. Who do they protect? Who do they serve? The injuries they inflicted are symbolic of the injury inflicted on Newcastle by this appalling council, elected and non-elected.

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