No news is good news 30.1.2012


Herald front page 21 July 2011

The only action in Laman Street today was the Fig Watch group sitting in the hot sun and some security guards walking up and down in the shade.There was the welcome sound of rain when the alarm went off at 4am but later you wouldn’t believe how unpleasant the heat was later, sitting next to the fences, even under an umbrella. It makes me realise how awful the street is going to be once the trees go. Our ‘vibrant, active space’ – how a vandalised Laman St was described to me by a councillor – will be as hot as Hades in summer. 8-10 degrees Celsius is the difference these trees make.

There wasn’t a chainsaw or crane in sight today.

After – if – the trees go there will be lots to keep us busy. One project will be trying to get a Significant Tree Register on Council’s website. Imagine how many years that will take, especially when there’s a culture that doesn’t want to keep large street trees.

Randwick City and Sydney City have one, just to name two Councils that have such a tree register.

See you in the morning.


And here is a story that’s almost a year old: click to enlarge it. A row of ‘heritage’ figs was going to receive special treatment and some replacement trees were going to be planted.

We’re still waiting for the fig trees. I wonder if it was spin to stop people complaining about the forty or so bottlebrush that were removed to put a new gutter in.


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