The Night Before Laman Street’s Vandalism? 30.1.2012


Laman Street seen from Civic Park

Are you coming to breakfast in Laman Street at 4:30?

There will be extra people there for the occasion – we hear the number of guards in the street has so far tripled and that more are expected later in the night. Of course, we have a new company guarding the trees: E Group. I hear a rumour that the last mob were too friendly. Probably an urban myth.

There’s also a rumour that out-of-town police will be here in force: one source said 150 police but surely not, at $100 an hour forĀ  a police officer.

What a dream job for a police officer: standing between grandmothers and some guys wielding chainsaws. I know if I had to choose a ‘domestic’, a traffic accident or threatening little old ladies sitting under trees with ‘pain compliance’ I’d go for the latter.

I also hear that there’s supposed to be a fauna officer present – there wasn’t last time – and that the trees are supposed to be removed a certain way to make it possible for birds and animals to escape – that didn’t happen last time – but if that happens I’ll find a hat and eat it.

I and others sent texts and phoned councillors this evening. No joy there.

Anyway: words fail me for once.

Talk soon. Home




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2 Responses to “The Night Before Laman Street’s Vandalism? 30.1.2012”

  1. jerome Says:

    caity your a rock as is fee and all the rest lets not take a step back we have come to far period nothing more to say see u again jerome

  2. Terry McCauley Says:

    I also am at a loss for words. No commonsense within NCC, no desire to appease or work with the community, just bloody mindness!

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