Laughing Stocks 25.1.2012


The General Manager spent thousands of ratepayer dollars today to put a full-page ad on page 24 of the Herald today to tell the community that everything’s OK – Council is ‘very comfortable’ with how stupid it looks its four – oh, no: not four – reports on Laman Street, and to tell residents ‘Don’t Worry, Be Happy: protest respectfully; we vandals are Just Doing Our Job’.Here’s the embarrassing media release.

Below are some photos by Ed Glatfelter-Jones, a Newcastle expat. [ed.] Double-click to make them larger. Ed’s so clever and committed. Enjoy them. And fix your roster for Monday – there’s a respectful protest, sorry, community picket line to go to.

Good to know it’s ‘practical’ to involve the riot police to implement a Council resolution to fell healthy trees.

And thanks goodness it’s not illegal to fell these trees during flying fox and bat breeding season – just immoral.

And what a fantastically Pyrrhic victory it’s going to be for Council’s tree team to ‘win’ next week: to avoid (more) scrutiny of their QRAP advice to councillors, to vandalise this street so that a new electricity cable and new paving can be installed – one day.

Thank goodness the engineers in Council can rely on outdated technology and avoid learning something new – like drilling/boring under the street, keeping the present trees,  to put in new cables. And thank heavens we can build a Tidy area out the front of the renovated gallery, without pesky, gnarled trees – and birds to poop on people.

And thank goodness NCC will be able to ignore Australian and international experts on tree risk once the trees are gone. There’ll be no trees to tease them any more – just a row of stumps to look at for a couple of years.

There will be one good thing to come out of the felling of the Laman Street trees – some of the tree team may retire. Properly. Their mission complete.  Home


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3 Responses to “Laughing Stocks 25.1.2012”

  1. ArchitectGJA Says:

    Thanks for posting these Caity, I just realised that they are clickable and go to the higher definition copies (time for my reading glasses prescription to be redone?).

  2. jerome Says:

    Lets keep going: we have come this far.

  3. Terry McCauley Says:

    The cartoon just keep getting better, funnier! Gotta luv the minds that create these wonders!

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