Their tools are bigger than ours – tree failure in Swan Street 19.1.2012


This tree will be felled today.

NCC’s website says something about the crack it has developed┬ábeing due to winds – I would be grateful if someone would tell me whether it’s possible that it’s actually due to the dreadful root amputation that was carried out in September 2010.

Here’s the post I wrote at the time. I think the root was about 5metres long and at its thickest stood about 30cm above the roadbase.

When I went down to the street to see if the doomed tree is the one with the ruined roots I ran into two Save Our Figs members. two organisers of the Fig Forum, one facebook fig friend and two older people who had driven for half an hour to see the tree since their son lives in the street. They think he’ll be devastated at the news.

This is presumably a $70 000 tree that has been destroyed. Well done. Not. Home


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