Mike Ellison’s report 15.1.2012


How fantastic it is to receive Mike Ellison’s report on Laman Street.

You can read it here (827KB) Mike Ellison report on Laman Street’s 14 Hill’s Figs.

My favourite parts are:

1.5    I have surveyed the trees and carried out a Quantified Tree Risk Assessment for each tree in the avenue. I conclude that the risks from the fig trees are generally very low. There are some elevated risks resulting from modified wind loading where adjacent trees have been removed or lopped but that even these elevated risks are well within the boundaries of tolerability that might ordinarily be applied by a reasonable and
informed landowner.
1.6    A universal principle of risk management is that the benefits of risk reduction (in terms of reduced harm) should be balanced with the cost of that risk reduction (in terms not only of the financial cost of implementing risk control measures but also the loss of benefits that are conferred by the hazardous agency). Overall, in finding a balance between risks and benefits, effective risk management should seek to ‘do no harm’.
1.7    It is my opinion that the harm done by removing the Laman Street trees cannot be justified by the removal of the low risks that the trees present.

and the section on root morphology

6.6.4 Kozlowski32 reproduces a useful illustration … of the depth and spread of root systems and how, far from having a typical form, root systems are highly variable in their depth and spread…Given the tree species and geological conditions of the site, it is, in my opinion, highly likely that the fig trees have a root architecture similar to examples a, b, or d in figure 1 below, which are forms found growing in permeable ground. [The types suggested have deep roots – see page 18.]

Let’s see what NCC come up with to denigrate this. See you at the Fig Forum. Home




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