Mayfield trees update 9.1.2012


A few tree things have happened in Mayfield lately. The tree to the left was pruned a couple of months ago and it looked really sad – ugly, naked branches sticking  out on the fence side of the tree.

Now look at it. Recovered well.

Another street in Mayfield that I’ve been visiting every now and again for a while is Arnold Street. This is the street where NCC felled six or seven mature camphor laurels because of a single succesful insurance claim for infrastructure damage. The plan was to put in white cedar trees on one side and pistachio trees on the other.

Well, the good news is that trees have at last been planted – two years later – but correct me if I’m wrong about the choice of replacements but it looks like there are jacarandas on one side and crepe myrtles on the other.

Jacarandas I can see the point of, but white cedar trees have the slight advantage of being native; as for crepe myrtles, I’m sorry but I just can’t see why you’d bother with them. Why not find a native that flowers, grows to the same height, feeds birds and is as tough as old boots?

And outside an industrial site in Mayfield there used to be a wonderful row of figs that had lots of untouched aerial roots.

Now there’s just a fraction of the formerly wonderful row of figs. Shame. Home



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