2011: a totally risk-free year in Laman Street 6.1.2012


The Health and Safety Executive in the UK has an interesting page on the principles of risk management.

It compares what ‘sensible’ risk management is about with what it is not about.

My favourite section is this:

‘Sensible risk management is not about:

  • Creating a totally risk free society
  • Generating useless paperwork mountains
  • Scaring people by exaggerating or publicising trivial risks
  • Stopping important recreational and learning activities for individuals where the risks are managed
  • Reducing protection of people from risks that cause real harm and suffering.’

Does NCC empty the garbage bins in Laman Street?

‘Exaggerating …trivial’ risks has a local feel about it.

At least the City of Canning in WA hasn’t claimed that the 160 trees it’s removing from Manning Rd are being removed because they’re dangerous.

No – those trees are going because of some QRAP about damage to the road surface leading to vibrations which then cause damage to houses. What a shame the testing they did was inconclusive.

Shame about the endangered cockatoos that won’t be able to feed there any more. Oh, that’s right: there are no birds there. Just like there are no fauna in the trees in Laman Street…

We should celebrate yet another risk-free year in Laman Street – as long as we discount the red bollard-y thinks at the bases of the fences. They are such a trip hazard. I wonder how many people have sued NCC for injuries sustained because of those.

Based on the calculations from the highest-risk estimation from NCC’s reports on Laman Street, six trees should have fallen over and there should have been two deaths since 2007. Are you feeling lucky?



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One Response to “2011: a totally risk-free year in Laman Street 6.1.2012”

  1. Terry McCauley Says:

    Love this story Caity, but yes shame about the 160 trees in WA, Councils just react badly when that safety word is mentioned!

    My favourtie from your snippets, and it applies aptly to NCC, is:

    “Stopping important recreational and learning activities for individuals where the risks are managed”

    When will these Councillors let people be people and enjoy the trees in this local environment? Do they forget their own childhoods filled with dangerous things? Bet they all climbed “so called” dangerous, scary trees!

    I am so over the risk averse mentality of modern society! A return to the “bad ol’ days” is warranted!

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