140 000 people in the Newcastle LGA in narrow escape from fig branch 3.1.2012


There’s a 15MB document that NCC call their casebook history of tree failures. I call it Fig Porn. There’s a newly discovered failed part for the ‘casebook’.

Ever on the look-out, fig campaigners ring on the rare occasions when a fig fails.

The branch in the picture is in lovely Islington Park. Stunning weather, a picturesque cricket game going on in the background, and an unsuspecting crowd watching – little did they realise how close they had come to injury. If they’d been there just hours earlier etc etc

Actually, one of Laman Street’s busiest campaigners is one of the few people (the only person?) in Newcastle to have been hit by a falling fig branch. Home

Moreton Bays with presumed future replacements - magnolias: che?



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3 Responses to “140 000 people in the Newcastle LGA in narrow escape from fig branch 3.1.2012”

  1. Shani Sandner Says:

    By the way Magnolias are beautiful..but not at the cost of figtrees. I have two gorgeous Magnolias.
    The following comments are based on my own ideas and may seem a little strange to some people, and possible a lot of crap. However, I will be able to back up some of these ideas if pushed…though not prodded.!
    As a pro fig campaigner, albeit a “steel magnolia ” myself, I think this concept of ” pull it out put it in” (as the concept of pull out the fig trees put in something else) is based on male logic….and perhaps has links to sexual sublimation.
    Undoubtedly, the sexual symbolism, and then the replacement of a fig tree (seen in many cultures as a symbol of life or Godforce, and the Lifeforce )and replacing this with of a symbol of female strength.(.ie the Magnolia) is a bit weird. Almost a post coital bonus if you will .

  2. Terry McCauley Says:

    I refer to your last photo here and the reference to presumed future replacements for the Morton Bay figs. Yes you are right, they are the future replacements. Council Parks staff have informed me that the second row has been planted by Council to have the replacement row in place before time for the removal of the Morton Bay figs when they reach the end of their life cycle. Staff estimate that this will be approximately 50 years away though. NCC have finally planned for the future in a responsible manner. Amazing!
    PS I live on the park and have these beautiful trees as my neighbours. It will be sad when they have to be removed but then I am 51 now so not likely to be in my lifetime!

    • Caity Raschke Says:

      I so agree Terry that planning for the future is fantastic and taking the long view is absolutely to be commended; but why magnolias here as a replacement for figs? Beautiful, beautiful trees with a stunning flower but Moreton Bays have proved themselves in this environment and provide food for native fauna. Cheers.

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