Is this the future? 31.12.2011


Tyrrell Street was the Newcastle street that allowed Newcastle people to see the future for Laman Street if the fig trees there are managed by Newcastle City Council the way it sees fit.

Eyewitnesses watched as Council employees or contractors cut through one side of the roots of ?two trees so that the gutter could be repaired. In the next storm these trees fell over.

This event had followed a major branch failure that had fallen onto a childcare centre – frightening stuff. Fortunately no one was injured. Perhaps there should be no trees within tree height of childcare centres?

My daughter told me that when she was in infants school one of her friends stood up from a table just before a large branch fell from a gum tree onto the place she had just vacated. Perhaps we should have no trees in school grounds – imagine the loss to urban forests if that were to be a risk management tool.

There is an uncorroborated story that a survey of Tyrrell Street about this time was done and that it showed that a transformer for the upgrading of the substation halfway up the hill would not have fitted under the trees.

Convenient? I look forward to some interesting hatemail  email whenever I whine  talk about Tyrrell Street.

Here are some before and after shots courtesy of the Herald and courtesy of the local studies unit of the Newcastle library which we found while waiting for Mr Ellison today. I wonder how long the stumps of the Laman Street trees will be with us after NCC Manages The Risk there. Home.

This awful shot is after some emergency ‘canopy reduction’ according to the Fig-Porn-sorry-Tree-failure-log that masquerades as a casebook study


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