Bradfield fig 30.12.2011


Here are some pictures and a tree story shared with me by Mark Hartley, the arborist who has helped Newcastle to try to get the message out that the Laman Street trees are stable.

‘The tree fell over, and had almost no roots on one side. Two ground anchors were installed and the tree was braced for 12 months.

‘More than 6 years later and it is standing by itself and looks great. It is the southernmost of three figs adjacent to the western side of the harbour bridge, Bradfield Park, North Sydney.

‘Remember, this tree fell over because sail and roots were removed to such an extent it was unable to stand up without support.

‘Now it is completely self supporting.’ Home




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2 Responses to “Bradfield fig 30.12.2011”

  1. Saving Our Trees Says:

    Wow! What a great story. Shows that even trees as large as Figs can be saved if the powers that be are willing & you have a good Arborist. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. Shani Sandner Says:

    Very inspiring story of nurturing a tree.
    I just do not understand why some people are so into chopping down the figs. Indeed I can not understand people who treat trees as a replaceable commodity. I feel this is akin to being soul-less.

    Of course sometimes trees need to come down. For example, my husband and I had to take out a huge pine tree which was in our front yard it was blocking all our winter sun.We considered this for a long time and really felt we had no option. Our neighbours hated us for three years. It was very sad…mostly the tree being cut down.

    However, we have many more trees on our block, including a possibly 100 year old native stringy bark gum. I love them all.

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