Breeding Times for Laman St fauna – December to April: 21.1.2011


This is from the Fauna assessment of Laman Street this year.It clearly shows that no tree removal should take place between December and the end of April.

I recall being told by a Council officer at the charrette in 2010 that NCC had an obligation to do no harm to fauna living in Laman Street and was given to understand that he saw the fig trees planted at the corner of Selma and Donald/Parry Streets in Hamilton asw replacements for Laman Street as far as foraging for bats went.

These important pollinators are essential for the health and genetic diversity of our eucalypt forests and therefore koala populations and tourism dollars – a billion of them each year Australia-wide. (That’s tourism dollars, not koalas: the Australian Koala Foundation estimate there could be as few as 80 000 koalas remaining in the wild.)

Take a walk down Laman Street at night and listen to the flying foxes; hear the birds all day long – and imagine the microbats whose call is inaudible to us. I’ve posted it before but you can hear a microbat at this link. Zehr cute.

You can read the whole report and its predecessor from 2010 at these two links: NCC_Laman_Street_Figs_s5A_assessment_6 and NCC_Laman_Street_Figs_s5A_assessment.2



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2 Responses to “Breeding Times for Laman St fauna – December to April: 21.1.2011”

  1. ArchitectGJA Says:

    These trees are wizards – they have roots, then they don’t have roots.

    They have a long useful life, then they have no useful life.

    They have fauna in the canopy, then they have no fauna.

    I see why Council is now so afraid of these trees – they seem to make things disappear…

  2. Terry McCauley Says:

    I have played the link and am amazed at their sound, not at all what I was expecting to hear!

    It will be sad to lose fauna in any way shape or form, even if it is bats!

    Councillors simply have no heart!

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