Safe for a while? 16.12.2011


The General Manager of Newcastle City Council met with senior police on December 9th.

He was informed that the police cannot supply operational support for the planned destruction of the Laman Street trees until after Christmas.

The GM feels police support is required to ensure an ‘acceptable’ level of safety during the vandalism of Newcastle’s most beautiful street.

The supply of police personnel won’t be available for this purpose until after the Christmas and New Year period.

The GM says his priority os the safety of ‘staff, Councillors, contractors and the community’ – presumably in that order.

He informed the Lord Mayor and Councillors of this on December 15th. I wonder why the delay.

Good news if you’re a fig tree or a bird living in one – or a Newcastle person who values the integrity and beauty of this city.

So while we can’t relax entirely, we can at least sleep in.

See you at the Christmas picnic on Sunday at midday in Civic Park. Home.


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2 Responses to “Safe for a while? 16.12.2011”

  1. my town Says:

    Thanks so much for keeping the community up to date with the fig tree & democracy situation.

  2. Shani Sandner Says:

    Thank you and a Merry Fig Christmas……at least for now.!

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