Fig alert – and a Fig Poll 14.12.2011


The Lone Pine in the Memorial Grove was trussed up by workers today. Is it correct that they were from Total Height Solutions, the team who brought us a talk bout why we shouldn’t do a pull test in December last year at a council Public Voice; who told us that bitumen was holding up the trees. Yeah right, as they say. Eminent advice on lots of things, but that failed to woo the assembled crowd.

That was a classic meeting because fig supporters and council agreed briefly – not to do a static pull test.

Theories abound about the trussing – is it because NCC will say the wind around the tree will be changed by felling the nearby figs? (So get ready for that sorry sight – maybe tomorrow?)

Is it because the tree has a lean  – a year and a half ago I heard that council wanted to remove it because of that lean. In spite of it being planted in the grove, in spite of its importance to veterans and families of veterans.

Apparently everything’s expendable.

I heard someone in the street was told today the tree was unstable. Interesting because the lean hasn’t changed since all this QRAP started.

Watch out little tree.

And here’s what happened in Stockholm when a 500-1000 year old oak tree was felled: The public servant who came up with the idea now needs a bodyguard. Very sad.

And here’s a poll for you to see whether people think the Laman Street trees are safe. Enjoy. Home


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