Anniversary 13.12.2011


Tomorrow is the anniversary of the Laman Street tree preservation resolution and we’re celebrating.

Come to breakfast with the poor soon-to-be-dead-or-homeless birds. Not to mention bats and possums and sugar gliders.

Who would have thought a year ago that the Forces Of Evil would have won? Who would have thought we’d still be here a year later trudging through the misinformation and propaganda and lack of transparency and – don’t start me.

Here’s the message that went out to fig friends today:


“Anniversary Breakfast parley with the trees & birds”

Tomorrow 14th Dec 2011

gathering from 5.30am

 corner of Darby & Laman Streets

As tomorrow is the anniversary of the Council Resolution 14 Dec 2010 to Save The Fig trees
and there is nothing to stop council cutting the trees down any day,
 in fact today the signs point to council making preparations to start,
the community will be gathering from dawn for an early morning breakfast, update and discussion.
Please come along and join with others who are concerned for the future of Newcastle’s most gorgeous street
 and enjoy the trees & birds while we still can.

We suggest that people be prepared that the community picket line may need to reform
 and to start thinking about their availability generally if there is an alert.
Lets decorate the fences with signs for the anniversary!
(Any time between 5:30 on is fine – see you there.)

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