Thanks Mr O’Farrell 11.12.11


Had a lovely figtail party outside the Art Gallery on Friday. Greeted the Premier with cheers and signs and our lovely former secretary escorted Mr O’Farrell from his car to the front entrance.

We could be forgiven for thinking that Council tried to usher him in the rear – condemned – entrance of the gallery, in order to avoid any members of the community outside the gallery, but what politician would want to avoid a happy, respectable, welcoming crowd?

Here’s a 1 minute video of his arrival.

I’ll wager he didn’t feel at risk under the trees. And Cr Cook has been spreading joy again: he has distributed a document about what he sees as lies about Laman Street spread by campaigners. Here’s Mark Hartley, one of the community’s arborists, on a small part of that ‘litany’:

‘The assertion that it has been proven that the root plates are defective is simply false. Only Marsden has undertaken an examination of the root plates under the road and the only evidence that he could provide was that the roots were not present in hydrophobic soils that were not conducive to root growth and development.

Marsden correctly forms the view that the root plates are not on the surface. The assumption that an asymmetric root plate is defective in itself is false and has been presented without a piece of supporting evidence. I was able to show a tree at Angkor Watt  with significantly greater root plate asymmetry that has stood for hundreds of years.

In addition I can provide over 50 peer-reviewed and published  papers that challenge the assumption that root plate asymmetry is a defect.

See “Anchorage and Asymmetry in the Root System of Pinus peuce” Mickovski, S. Ennos, R. Silva Fennica 37(2);  “Anchorage of Mature conifer: resistive turning moment, root-soil plate geometry and root growth orientation” Lundstrom et el (2007)  Tree Physiology 27, 1217 – 1227; “Adaptive Growth of Tree Root systems in response to wind action and site conditions”  Nicoll, B & Ray, D. (1996) Tree Physiology 16, 891-898 as a start.

Cook refers to SULE but may not be aware that the originator of SULE, Jeremy Barrell, is one of the experts that NCC has disregarded, in spite of the fact that he acted independently of any party and received no remuneration for his assessment.’

I’ve posted this before but you can watch Barrell and his colleague Cashman talking about Laman Street here.

A tree in Tours in France, planted by Napoleon and not chopped down even though it needs support

He also says,

…I find it odd that there are numerous arborists who have come out in support of the retention of the trees because the risk of harm is not unacceptable…Has anyone seen the same support for the removal of the trees because of the risk they supposedly pose coming forward to the council?

The only support council has is from a group on a forum (who have been fed propaganda … with the hope of it causing damage to the SoF group).  Some people on this  believe that the trees should be removed to show the community that council makes decision and not the community. I agree with Cook that SOF does not represent the majority of the community, rather it represents the distinct majority of those who have an opinion either way about the trees. A large portion of the community do not care either way and unfortunately it is their money that NCC is wasting to avoid facing up to the facts “the trees do not pose an imminent risk.


Thanks to Sharon Healey for the photo of the Premier.


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5 Responses to “Thanks Mr O’Farrell 11.12.11”

  1. Jamie Says:


  2. Terry McCauley Says:

    Yes, Friday afternoon was wonderful and excellent PR from the Premier to do the meet, greet and walk down the side of the building to the “affected” area. Well done to Gennice for seizing the opportunity and walking with Barry, well done!

    Sad to see that Councillor Cook again displays his obvious ignorance of the real assessment, therefore argument over the trees. I can only draw my personal asumption that he is a Councillor with another agenda in regard to the trees, not interested in saving vital vibrant public city assets!

  3. Avril Brown Says:

    Councillor COOK could do with…..and needs to………….. ‘WATCH and LISTEN’ to the video footage of Mr David Cashman and Mr Jeremy Barrell !!!
    Who are OBVIOUSLY…..very Honest, very Knowledgeable, very Experienced and Intellegent men, without a hidden agenga !
    This should have been sent to NBN News and The Newcastle Herald.
    HOPEFULLY it’s not too late to send it,and print or play on TV
    REGARDLESS of the outcome !!!
    and WHY doesn’t NCC have to answer to anyone or even explain the ABSURD, INSANE amount of TAX PAYERS money they have just blown, through out this RIDICULOUS ordeal without batting an eyelid, are they REALLY ANSWERABLE TO NO-ONE ? ? ? ? ? ?
    Disgusted resident of Redhead.
    Avril Brown

  4. Avril Brown Says:

    Laman St will have gone from…….One of the most ‘A m a z i n g’ streets in Newcastle…….to one of the MOST BORING, bland and raped Streets in Newcastle.
    Enjoy your NON view …..from the Council Chambers.
    Once it’s DONE…. there is………… NO TURNING BACK !
    People WILL NOT forget this !!!

  5. Avril Brown Says:

    Barrell and Cashman –
    At this time of year, at least there are TWO wise men, better than none.
    Shame they don’t work for NCC !

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