Beaten by Code of Meeting Practice 8.12.2011


Surprise from Council last night: Cr Claydon introduced her motion to close Laman Street as an late item of business but was unsuccessful in having it heard – that’s my version, anyway, of what I understand happened.

You can read the Herald on it here.

Someone tell me that I’m right in thinking that is Not. Good. News.

Here’s Cr Connell’s online comment on his contribution last night:

‘My criticism of the move last night was much more than just the absence of some Crs. This proposed road closure by those mentioned will take 12 months, prolonging this issue and costing Council considerable expenditure while the process is undertaken. Regardless of whether or not it is a good idea, trying to push it through as a late item of business with NO consultation with the users of Laman street is incredibly poor process.’

What was that charrette and Newcastle Voice Stuff last year?

May the anti-fig brigade live in interesting timesHome



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One Response to “Beaten by Code of Meeting Practice 8.12.2011”

  1. Terry McCauley Says:

    Well fancy a Councillor saying it is poor form to try and push it through with Councillors missing, that has been going on all the time in this debate! Why did Councillors walk out of a meeting only a short time ago? Was it not to avoid there being a vote against the pro-chop side of the argument? Did they not walk oiut to avoid being over-turned? Hypocrisy at its best I say!

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