Sips and Nibbles Sunday post-vote – see you on 4.12.2012


3.12.2011:COME TO  a SIPS AND NIBBLIES get-together at the corner of Darby and Laman Streets where we will be distributing voodoo dolls. Just kidding.

Come and see your colleagues and fellow travellers and people who think Newcastle’s equivalent of Hyde Park should not be destroyed without good reason. 4pm SUNDAY 4th Dec. SEE YOU THERE.

And here’s how the meeting finished up on Thursday. True leaders would have left the Council chamber and addressed the crowd. If they had left the chamber to walk between the people lining the hallway, and told us why they had voted the way they had and owned their actions, the night would have ended very differently.



3 Responses to “Sips and Nibbles Sunday post-vote – see you on 4.12.2012”

  1. Pat Garnet Says:

    Very sad!!.There will be no shining lights within Newcastle proper as the councillors have seen to that.

    Why? Why?? Why???

  2. Maureen Ryan Says:

    I just watched the NBN footage and saw a Councillor push an elderly lady with sufficient force that she flew backwards across the room and landed on the ground. I have read that she was injured in the process. She should pursue assault charges.

    Where was the council security that would have prevented all this from happening? How is it that the Council has been prepared to spend enormous amounts of money putting fencing and security staff around the fig trees but allowed this volatile situation to happen?

  3. Shani Sandner Says:

    I have sent an email to each councillor. I told of my individual sadness, which I am sure would mean nothing to them, as indeed would the feelings of so many Novocastrians outrage by the most recent vote to not accept the Premier’s offer.

    This time of year with Christmas only weeks away..I expressed my upset that Newcastle…..
    “Will receive not a bird in a fig tree, the birds will have to relocate, as will any Flora and Fauna attached to the figs….Instead Newcastle will echo to the whirr of the chainsaw, the tramp of the policeman, and the security guard”.

    Yes indeed, this is what Newcastle gets for christmas…lovely isnt it.!
    These councillors have given this to the people of Newcastle …I then went on to compare Newcastle with thriving metropolii of New York, and London who have wonderful green centres, like Central Park. Such green places make them truly great cites.

    I did not say……
    How unfortunate for us our esteemed statesmen, (if you can refer to some of them in this way), have contributed to our great city in the way they have. We have been badly let down.!
    I concluded my email with a Merry Christmas inspired by my Christian background. And it nearly killed me.!

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