Crunching Numbers for figs 1.12.2011


Another vote on the fate of Newcastle best-known fig-lined street tonight and the Herald tells us there’s number-crunching going on behind the scenes – imagine lobbying to chop down trees.

Not all councillors are able to attend tonight. Great.

We’re meeting on the steps at 6:30 and the extraordinary meeting starts at 7:30- see you there.

None of us could have done any more than we have. Remember that the council we’re trying to take with us on this tree preservation journey does their fighting for a living and usually in office hours.

For the rest of us it’s a volunteer position and happens on weekends and in the middle of the night. It happens when we should be spending time with our children or winding down away from work or doing piles of (other non-paid) paperwork or keeping up with other issues – or just doing living.  I miss the days when we could trust that what Council was doing was good for us: when we could trundle along ignoring it.

Council says it has spent over $1million on trying to beat the community – a community who will not let go of this issue until the evidence exists to support what management are trying to do.

Imagine the value of the community time that has gone into this. I hear a rumour – completely unsubstantiated – that the council spend on security in one 4 week period was over $300 000. What responsible leadership.

Here’s hoping our elected councillors do the right thing tonight. Here’s hoping their desire for evidence-base decisions outweighs their loyalty and personal ties with council managers and consultants whose reputations are apparently going to be affected if the trees aren’t felled. (Makes no sense to me either but it’s a line that a council employee came up with…) Home


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4 Responses to “Crunching Numbers for figs 1.12.2011”

  1. Terry McCauley Says:

    Great comment Caity. Yes it hard to imagine that a Council can be so hell-bent on achieving an outcome that is so undervalued by the community they are elected to represent and unsupported by science and evidence to support Council’s claim of ‘unsafe’.

    Is it no wonder then that this sort of reckless spending has contributed to a $10M, yep $10M blackhole in the Council budget that the newly appointed GM has set a target to reduce over the next 2 year period!


  2. Hilary Evans Says:

    Thinking of you all ~and hoping very much ( as always) that all the hours and effort you have all made and continue to make will hold good. All the very best.

  3. Doug Lithgow Says:

    We all hope that Council will do the right thing.
    But Tree destroyers have made their position clear. It is every citizen’s job to expose the truth and change minds. At this stage it seems a hopeless task.
    Councillors who want the trees removed are never going to vote for independent assessment. That would be voting to shine a light onto their own carelessness.

    It may take until next election but they can be replaced with thoughtful councillors capable of championing the public interest.

    It requires men and women of probity who are prepared to step into the public arena.
    Keep on fighting the good fight SOF.

    Cheers to all
    Doug Lithgow

  4. Glenn Shannon-Kett (Auckland, NZ) Says:

    I enjoyed the shade of those Laman St trees when I visited Newcastle several years ago. They were good for my spirit. The thought of a car jumping a kerb and taking me out would be MORE of a concern than a falling tree. If those trees are felled, maybe one less reason to re-visit your town. Thank you councillors..

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