Reminders about radars 20.11.2011


Anti-fig people use radar investigation as an example of NCC’s evidence to back up their risk claims so it’s timely to remind ourselves of what a great example of the scientific approach radar investigation has been in the hands of Newcastle City Council.

There are three versions of the ground penetrating radar investigation that took place on December 5 2009.

I have two versions of it uploaded; the second has some information on infrastructure that is no doubt of some importance but was hard to get excited about.

 The first was written in mid December 2009 and can be read here
I phoned NCC’s arborist in mid January 2010 asking for a copy and he said NCC didn’t have it, in spite of its publication date being a month before.

 I had to apply for it via FOI and what I was given in March 2010, after some twaddle about the report being exempt from FOI, was a very different report  from the original : it can be read here
 The first said the trees had a ‘moderately extensive’ root system – not some of the trees, ‘the trees’. The last said half the trees had discontinuous roots. This is without further radar investigation in the street. Council came up with some explanation about the original report being ‘preliminary’ in spite of the word preliminary appearing nowhere on the ‘superseded’ report.

This is an example of what we’ve been up against and why we’ve fought so hard – and why the risk assertions carry so little weight for many of us.

If this evidence didn’t suit council, and was regarded as ‘superseded’ and then hidden, what else should we doubt?

See you near the trees. Home


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