Judgement from the Land and Environment Court about injunction due today 17.11.2011


Later today Newcastle will hear whether Judge Biscoe has granted the injunction SOF has asked for.

Three times in Court on Monday he asked whether the parties could not get together and choose an arborist and he expressed surprise that as recently as a few weeks ago the Council and Save Our Figs had been on the point of having an arborist look at the evidence.

There’s an article in the Herald today that says the General Manager has said the findings of an independent assessment would not necessarily be accepted by Council.

‘AN internal Newcastle City Council memo has warned that an ‘‘independent assessment’’ of the Laman Street fig trees would not necessarily outweigh its existing studies that say the trees are a risk.’The memo, sent by general manager Phil Pearce and seen by the Newcastle Herald, said a new report ‘‘[would] not erase the body of knowledge already in existence’’.

‘ ‘‘If the agreed arborist provided a report that dissented from the large number of independent and internal reports already received, council will need to consider what weight should [the council] and our insurers be expected to give to it,’’ he wrote.’

More hurdles being set up. Sad. Home.


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5 Responses to “Judgement from the Land and Environment Court about injunction due today 17.11.2011”

  1. Shani Sandner Says:

    I am still standing!

  2. Pat Garnet Says:

    Our hope will only be brightened, when we have exposed the real problem with regards to the Newcastle Council’s proposal, to chop down the trees in Laman Street.I have experience of the Management of a Council (not Newcastle) threatening me with legal action if I didn’t comply to their request about the statement I had made” that the Management of Council was corrupt.”Quite honestly had they done so, it would have been a step toward exposing the corruption that was rife in the Management of that particular Council ,which then flowed to some less than scrupulous councillors.

    Bullying is quite common, and I would like to think we could find a way to deal with the Management of Newcastle Council, with regards to their attitude. It seems to me that it has taken the will of the people into it’s own hands to make decisions that are not in favour with their employer, WE the ratepayers.

    Keep in touch,
    Cheers Pat

  3. nick Says:

    If the insurance company is happy then that is enough!

    • Pat Garnet Says:

      I forgot to tell you that I didn’t sign the document the council was ordering me to,and after three letters back and forth from me to the council,all went quiet.I wonder why?

  4. Claire Says:

    Question is IF there is an independent assessment and it agrees with the council (who knows, just curious) will SOF accept the fate of the fig trees? Or continue to fight?

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