Another Tuesday night in King Street 16.11.2011


There was a Council meeting last night which took up where the last left off in discussing Cr Osborne’s motion that relates to Laman Street and the Premier’s offer of an independent arborist.

In the hour leading up the meeting there were campaigners on both sides of the road at a careful distance from each other: those who want to keep the trees on one side and those who want to stop spending money on the issue and chop the trees down.

There’s definitely some common ground between the groups – I don’t know any Laman Street campaigner who supports Council’s spending on these trees – I believe we’re over the million-dollar mark now.

Independent assessment or third party determination would have cost council a pittance in comparison to what senior counsel described in Court on Monday as the  ‘APEC-style security’ that Council has instituted around the fig trees.  Home


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One Response to “Another Tuesday night in King Street 16.11.2011”

  1. Hill Resident Says:

    It baffles me that people think that the removal of the figs equates to stopping expenditure – quite the contrary as far as I can tell. I read the Newcastle Herald and it seemed to say that the trees will be lopped not removed, and that if that happens then the council will lodge a DA and the stumps will stay there for ages until the DA is approved (or denied) and a whole and hugely expensive development will go in!

    If the “save our funds” people are the majority then why don’t they make a petition of their own. Secondly SOF is not accountable in this situation, the council is accountable for wasting money on ineffective fencing which wouldn’t save anyone – not that they need saving from these trees as far as I can tell anyway.

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