Update – more talk about ‘lawfulness’ 8.11.2011


After two and a half hours of debate and council chamber drama the extraordinary meeting was adjourned again, this time to allow the GM to seek legal advice regarding the ‘lawfulness‘ of Cr Osborne’s and Cr Claydon’s foreshadowed motions.

We will now seek an undertaking from the GM not to remove the trees and we will also ask the court to defer the hearing until after the meeting resumes.

The high and low points of the meeting included:

  • another great rally before the Council meeting.
  • Cr Nelmes’ pointing out that a month or to ago she put a motion to Council that if more money was to be spent on Laman Street it should be approved by the elected Council – and a majority of elected Councillors voted against this. (So who’s responsible?)
  • one of the Councillors was extremely negative about the community’s approach to the trees and more specifically about Save Our Figs in general.
  • the recurring comment came up that four ‘independent’ arborists said the trees are unsafe so the trees are unsafe – no mention of the fact that their reports are based on Fig Fib no 1,that trees had their root plates tilted out of the ground in the Pasha Bulker storm.
  • that SOF Inc are ‘professional ditherers’ – che? Our view has never wavered, our resolve has never wavered, the amount of UNPAID work we all do is immeasurable, so again I say, che?
  • Cr Luke and Cr Cook proposed a motion whereby the Premier appoint an arborist from the Land and Environment Court to examine whether the Council’s resolution of July 19th was reasonable. It was pointed out by several councillors that this motion was a set-up for the process to fail (my words) and that saying the Land and Environment court was an odd (my word) place to choose an arborist and that it was offensive to the Premier to be arguing with him about where he should find his arborist.
  • It’s interesting to note that NCC has a long association with the Land and Environment court arborists. Commissioner Fakes who is full-time on the Court and Commissioner Hewett who is a part time commissioner are both arborists who have done work for NCC. Ms Fakes did the assessment of Tyrrell St which was used by the GM of the day to remove the beautiful Tyrrell St trees and Mr Hewett has worked for Council for over ten years, commuting from the Central Coast for that entire time. He’s retired but we still see him. A lot.

More soon. Cheers. Home


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2 Responses to “Update – more talk about ‘lawfulness’ 8.11.2011”

  1. Nick Says:

    Thanks Caiti for keeping us up to date accurately 🙂

  2. Pat Garnet Says:

    Yes a sincere thanks from me also. Lord Mayor Tate conducted himself in a confident, professional manner, considering the schoolboy behaviour by some councillors.

    I wondered where all the residents were, who are supporting (supposedly, according to some councillors) the carnage of the Laman St Figs. I could’nt help but hear the loud and enthusiastic honking of horns outside the Chamber by supporters of Save our Figs on Tuesday evening .


    Cheers Pat .

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