A Day of Rest 4.11.2011


All quiet in Laman Street yesterday after an amazing treehugging, do-gooding day on Wednesday.

Down to the wire again: is it possible that at almost the precise moment the request for an injunction was being heard in the Land and Environment Court the police were being directed to make their way into the street to enable the tree felling?

Another Big Finger to the people of Newcastle.

Among the lighter moments of the day was the peaceful occupation of the Council administration building foyer. There are two short videos of this on facebook. I assume it’s never happened there before. I think the Uni may have had building sit-ins decades ago but surely this is a first for Newcastle, and by people from all walks of life. I saw only one Save Our Figs member in the video so all the other treehuggers and do-gooders and *gasp* hippies must be ordinary residents.

We’ve had offers of support this week from all the major parties: the premier’s offer of an independent arborist, Linda Burney’s visit to Laman Street again with Peter Primrose and congratulations from Senator Bob Brown. Cool.


NCC are too busy trying to fell healthy trees to empty garbage


2 Responses to “A Day of Rest 4.11.2011”

  1. elizabeth Says:

    Fantastic, so proud of you all! you must be exhausted. Rest.

  2. Michelle Hancock Says:

    What a wonderful achievement by all involved. Please let me know if further sit-ins are happening so I can try to be there and of course, I will be back to Laman St again next week when necessary.


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