Update 2.11.2011


There are four Newcastle residents locked on in Laman Street with chains and about fifteen occupying the street.

26 security guards were rostered on today, which is the number for a tree felling day. Allegedly 80-100 police coming today.

There’s talk of an injunction so we’re watching this space.

Watch out for lunchtime though.

In spite of the security, people breached the double row of expensive fencing.

The four councillors who let down their constituents by walking out on a lawful meeting last night have been on radio today justifying what some people are saying looks like cowardice and dishonour. A friend videotaped them escaping the meeting with shouts of ‘shame’ in the background. Can’t wait to see that on YouTube.

The offer of an arborist from the Premier of NSW is what was going to be discussed last night.

Don’t forget that the cost to Council for an external arborist to look at NCC’s evidence and SOF Inc’s evidence would have been $10 000. SOF would have paid the same amount. The fencing and security guards must be costing up to $30 000 a day now. All, it would seem, to avoid looking at the evidence and proving Council’s tree team W.R.O.N.G. Any fool can look at those trees and know their roots are healthy.

It’s Dr Strangelove in the Council admin building. (Look it up.)

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2 Responses to “Update 2.11.2011”

  1. HG Says:

    Dear Caity, you are an absolute hero, thank you SOF for getting an injunction against this shonky underhand council.

    If they want to lodge a DA fine. But they should be honest about it, and they should consider adaptive reuse rather than obnoxious redevelopment.

  2. Terry McCauley Says:

    What a fantastic outcome yesterday! I don’t know how many times Council are prepared to continue down this same path and continue to look like total uneducated and mis-informed ‘tools’ on this issue.

    As I have always stated, and SOF members have too, NCC needs to gather the scientific Arbortist evidence and conduct a realistic risk assessment of the trees to provide the people of Newcastle with informed, factual, sustainable and true information and opinion on the safety, or otherwise, of these highly valuable public assets.

    Newcastle, do not drop the ball and permit the destruction of these beautiful trees without the evidence!

    Terry, Iso

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