Fantastic news 2.11.2011


Down to the wire again.

A horde of police arrive at about 1 pm-ish, and open the fences and take up positions standing  in the street facing the residents of Newcastle.

The crane was raised up next to a beautiful tree, a tree lopper climbed a tree – all in spite of lawyers telling them that we would be arguing for an injunction before the Land and Environment Court at 2:30pm.

The lawyers argued – and were successful: an injunction was granted till November 11th. The screams and cheers in the street were amazing.

Thank you to the lawyers who helped Newcastle out of a jam today, and saved us from this horrible act of vandalism.

Thankyou to the heroic residents of Newcastle who chained themselves to lamp posts again and climbed trees and occupied the street.

Thankyou to the residents who stood at every entrance and the young people who climbed fences and to the councillors who visited the street.

A great day.

Imagine the qrap time some people will be having today. Home


8 Responses to “Fantastic news 2.11.2011”

  1. HG Says:

    Caity, you and your SOF group are amazing. Thank you for preserving the beauty and history of my home. Now I just hope you can close the deal and formally uncover these scoundrels for the incompetent crooks they are!

    Congratulations for your good work.

  2. Michelle Maddison Says:

    Congratulations SOF!! Onwards & upwards. Keep fighting the good fight, and thanks for protesting for those of us who can’t be there (but are with you in spirit, nonetheless).

  3. Sharon McCarthy Says:

    How proud I am of you all.
    You are all standing so strong for these beautiful and amazing Fig trees….you are all in the right and the councilors are so wrong. The People of Newcastle must be so proud to have so many people fighting for so long now for these beautiful living trees of life. I wish I could be with you all but at this time I just can’t. I know these councilors will be found out very soon for the kinds of people they really are and then the real reasons for the need to kill such beautiful trees will be found out. The people have not been listen too by these councilors….this is so wrong. Keep up the fight for what is right….saving these beautiful trees of life is just so right.

  4. nick Says:

    To keep fighting this important fight takes such courage and fortitude and moments like these are rejeuvenating!Thanks for all the efforts and blood and sweat in saving these beautiful monuments for Newcastle children to see this summer 🙂 and to be shaded as they play outside the Library .
    Another shameful moment for police , what are they thinking???? Who is in charge of such disgusting enforcing, dogs etc against old people and families. Lockstep and black booted with the 5 Foolish councillors who dont want independent assesment done for some hidden reason.
    I hope our local forces rethink their actions should there be another day .

  5. Shani Sandner Says:

    The sun was just braking through the fig trees, birds were twittering. Suddenly, I looked up a formation of some 30 birds flew down slowly over the figs. I think they were sacred ibs.
    To see this was a sight so magical so indescribably eosoteric. You just had to be there to feel this sign of nature being as one.

  6. ArchitectGJA (Ed) Says:

    Congratulations to Save Our Figs and to the people of Newcastle. The courage and commitment demonstrated by those involved in this effort deserve high praise. It is difficult to soldier on against all odds, but then that is the Australian way. Cheers.

  7. Sherilyn Psaltis Says:

    Congratulations and gratitude to Caity, Gennice, Jeanne, John, Sharon, and all the people who stood behind the fences that continue to keep us away from the shade and beauty of our magnificent 14. The intransigence of the removal Councillors emphatically underlines their fears that their so-called “evidence”, based on inappropriate testing, is wrong. Why else would they continue to fund the fortress mechanisms when genuinely independent and more ficus-appropriate testing would be a fraction of the ongoing costs? Much appreciation to Lord Mayor Tate and Councillors Claydon, Osborne, Nelmes, Crakanthorp and Connell for responding with qualities so important in leaders – intelligence, sensitivity to and empathy with community.

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