We’re in a time warp 26.10.2011


Yesterday I had my head down at work when one of the radio stations phoned me and told me of the unavailability of the single arborist chosen to be approached for expert assessment of the Laman St tree risk assertions.

This news obviously means that the expert assessment can’t proceed at present.

Is it bad faith to have only chosen experts who can’t carry through with the job? Is it bad faith to have refused to consider names supplied by SOF Inc? I hope not.

I’ve come a long way, because a year ago this sort of news used to reduce me to tears; now I think it’s just another irritating hurdle that we have to get over.

The Herald reported

Save Our Figs had previously agreed that if this arborist was not available, the proposed assessment would not proceed, Mr Pearce said in a statement.

I think this statement is, no doubt unintentionally, misleading. One sentence that was removed from the agreement that was signed was to the effect that the General Manager would not be required to choose another arborist. In other words, we wanted him to appoint another arborist if Ms Plant was unavailable, and by omitting the sentence we naturally assumed that choosing another was a possibility.

In fact the Premier, asked about Laman St in parliament, said the State government could assist the General Manager to find another arborist.

Ironically the Sydney Morning Herald finally wrote something about this issue. In the section on local government this article appeared yesterday. The sources for the article are interesting and it cites the allegations about spitting on staff, which have never been substantiated.

When barricades were being manned and more fencing was being brought in, a couple of weeks ago, three of us stood behind a truck which was delivering a police command post (it looks like a site shed). When the security supervisor who, poor man, was out of his depth and obviously not prepared for how controversial the issue was going to be, told the truck driver to reverse over us, did we call the media? No. We just told the police inspector and compliance officer present. Did they give the proverbial toss? No.

Irrelevant, anyway.

The news is that this week it’s back on again, so you may want to ring work to adjust your roster because I think there’ll be some pickets to man soon. We look forward to the meeting with the GM tomorrow.

Lastly, as a human interest story, can I tell you (possibly again…) that the only person in Newcastle ever to be injured by a fig tree – she was ‘clipped’ on the arm by a major branch failing in Swan Street – was manning the pickets with us. Home


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2 Responses to “We’re in a time warp 26.10.2011”

  1. Sharon McCarthy Says:

    What is wrong with this council??? they have lost the plot. Can’t they stop and just say they were wrong to wont these beautiful young living trees cut down also that they are sorry for not seeing how important the trees are to the people of their city and also to the many visitors who visit each year.They are the home and the food source to so many beautiful living things. They are amazing trees that make all around them feel great. This council should build a steel arch under these beautiful trees if they are so afraid of them and leave them alone. They have many more years to live….they will give us human back so much if we give them that chance to live the life they are meant to. This is really sad that a council has stopped listening to the people of it’s city. Why kill something so beautiful….I will never understand these kinds of people and how they think. These Trees give so much to us all….leave them alone.

  2. missylilAliu Says:

    hear hear Sharon

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