3 rallies & a flash mob in a week 17.10.2011

This is Swan St These will be next to go

I’m stuck at work but I’m told that something like 400 people attended the latest fig tree rally on the steps of Town Hall this afternoon – in the hour leading up to a meeting of Councillors, and no doubt extending into the time of the meeting  itself.

That was organised at 12:30pm today.
Pretty impressive turnout – and pretty committed people.
Let’s see what happens at the informal meeting of councillors this evening. It was called by the General  today and follows a weekend in which
  • the Lord Mayor talked to Barry O’Farrell, the Premier of NSW, at the football yesterday,
  • Linda Burney –  the Deputy Opposition Leader and Shadow Minister for Heritage, Infrastructure, Planning, the Environment and the Hunter – gave a wonderful speech in Civic Park to our flash mob about the significance of this avenue of trees,
  • Tim Owen, the first Liberal MP for Newcastle in almost 100 years spoke with people at the community picket line
  • and we had a rally Saturday afternoon in the street.

A week ago we had a gazillion people on the steps of the Town Hall as well. Loonies and ratbags, all, no doubt.

And you have to love the Herald poll this weekend – the question was ‘Do you think the State government should intervene to settle with Laman  Street figs issue?’ (or something) – over 800 people answered and over 80% said yes.
Take that.
See you every morning in Laman Street very early – or through the day: whatever time people can spare is much appreciated by Newcastle residents who want to save this beautiful avenue – till the trees are saved or chopped.

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One Response to “3 rallies & a flash mob in a week 17.10.2011”

  1. Caity Raschke Says:

    ‘Stuck’ at work is completely the wrong expression: I love my work; it’s just hard to get home at a reasonable hour.

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