Good news media release from the barricades 16.10.2011


Council claim the Laman St figs are dangerous, but we all know residents don’t believe them.

Ordinary people every day express their support by honking as they drive past the picket line, or signing the petition and dropping by for a chat.

People have even started to camp out to try to stop these beautiful trees from being destroyed.

Robyn and Graeme who live 100km from Newcastle, have arrived in their camper van to help save the trees.

‘We have been watching developments through the media,’said Robyn. ‘We felt frustrated by this ridiculous decision.

 ‘We live in Stroud ,’ said Graeme ‘and felt we needed to join the community rally to support the majority of Newcastle residents to help save these majestic fig trees from destruction’.

‘Children turn up with art works they’ve done to celebrate the trees,’ said Fee Mozeley from Save Our Figs; ‘locals have made their own signs, and we’re finally appreciating the fences that Council has surrounded the trees with – they make a fantastic place to hang all our beautiful paintings.’


Last night vandals visited the Dawson Street end of the street and damaged the few signs that hadn’t been taken home for the night, tried to steal the fluffy toys left by children and wrote messages of nastiness all over the road.

In yet another example of the community-building that has taken place in Laman Street, residents cleaned up the mess left by the vandals and removed the messages from the road – what a shame we didn’t think to call the graffiti hotline. Newcastle City Council could have come and helped. Home



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5 Responses to “Good news media release from the barricades 16.10.2011”

  1. Sharon McCarthy Says:

    Iam so proud of all the community people and visitor’s for what you are all trying to do for those most beautiful trees. They are so beautiful and been standing their for such a long time and can do this for the next 100 to 200 years. To cut them down is a crime as we all know they are part of our history and a home to so many little creatures. You live for as long as they have and look as beautiful as they do you have a right to live. I love them, they make you feel great when you are near them and so beautiful to look at. The world has gone crazy with all this OH&S safety. These trees are living and are doing amazing things for us all. The council is wasting money every day putting up these fences. What are they going to do next stop people walking in council reserves where there is more chance of a branch falling….stop people working on land as volunteers doing bush regeneration for our degraded bushland areas. The council should listen to the people, that is why they are in these jobs as councilors.
    Keep up the fight for what is right. Thank you all.

  2. elizabeth Says:

    Good Luck tomorrow!!

  3. Fiona Says:

    If they stand up to an earthquake, floods and gale force winds then they will stand up to those that think they are the gods in the Newcastle City Council wasting away rate payers money. The fig trees are beautiful and must stay. Those Councillors must go.

  4. Opinions Says:

    There is no law that prevents opinions from changing
    Let me explain further…
    The 19 July 2011 resolution that GM Phil Pearce “has to implement” is based on the Roads Authority (Newcastle City Council) having “formed the opinion that the trees are a hazard to traffic” under s88 Roads Act 1993.The previous Hyam led council administration had formed that opinion.
    The current GM is very aware of considerable debate as to whether or not the trees are unsafe. Engineers, arborists and community members have provided sufficient evidence that the trees might in fact be safe. Nine councillors have now publicly requested that independent assessment take place to determine the traffic hazard issue once and for all.
    To remove the trees in accordance with the resolution, the Roads Act requires that council currently has the “opinion” that the trees are a hazard to traffic.
    Given the contradictory opinions available to GM Phil Pearce, before he gives an order to remove them, he must be asked to pronounce publicly that “in his opinion as GM of Newcastle Council, the trees are a traffic hazard” and can be removed in accordance with the resolution.
    If he can’t he should then go off and seek independent assessment / third party determination. To do otherwise would be illegal.
    Alternatively, councillors should now have a vote to confirm ( or otherwise) the resolution that “in their opinion, the trees are a hazard to traffic” under s88 Roads Act 1993. They could then seek Independent Assessment.
    Opinions can change, the law doesn’t prevent that happening. The 9 councillors led by Phil Pearce have an opportunity to show leadership and work towards resolving the Laman St “Traffic Hazard” issue.
    The 19 July 2011 resolution is invalid if the opinion is not current.

  5. Caity Raschke Says:

    Thanks so much to the reader who left this comment. Fantastic explanation. CR

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