Our last day of rest? 15.10.2011


How nice that the General Manager of Council has assured us that the  chainsaws won’t be in Laman Street today.

The Herald this morning reports that Premier Barry O’Farrell has said this is a matter for Council.

It’s important to keep letting him know that it’s not too late for him to assist Council  out of the bind they have themselves in.

Here is his facebook wall Leave a comment and encourage friends to do the same. Removing the trees from Laman Street would be like removing the figs from the centre avenue in Hyde Park.

The trees could come out as early as tomorrow, as there are no guarantees past today. Please drop in to the picket line if you can.

And come along to “sips and nibblies” at 4:30pm Saturday at the Darby St end of Laman St to find out the latest.  We need another big turnout for this, to get the state government to intervene.


As you know, the General Manager says that the removal of the trees will continue since the 9 councillors cannot legally over-ride the earlier decision. I ask myself what the penalty would be if he took some time over this issue. I believe his concern is that he could be held liable if someone is inured or killed. As if that’s going to happen – except in the course of  felling the trees. I wonder how much of the information available he has read.

Send emails to Tim Owen at  <newcastle@parliament.nsw.gov.au> and you can leave comments on his home page

The photo at the top of the post is of a group of us who formed a line to slow up delivery of the new police command centre (howzat?) and the noteworthy things about the morning were that a ten-year-old girl and a year 12 student were in the line (the darling younger girl had to go to school before the photo was taken) and that a site supervisor instructed the truck driver to back over the three of us standing behind the truck. Nice truck driver refused.

I feel sorry for the supervisor as he shouldn’t have been put in a position where such conflict was predictable. It’ll be interesting to see how the GM’s investigation into this incident will go. Don’t hold your breath that it will reach a useful conclusion.

And vote in the Herald’s poll about whether the State should intervene. Home






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